Jenny Wise’s Reading List of Outdoor Topics

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For anyone who is a fan of the great outdoors, the arrival of spring is a welcome invitation to return to Mother Nature. I find myself  daydreaming lately about being outside among the peace and quiet of the wilderness. My kids love it, too. Even as babies, our kids have joined us when we set out for a hike, and as they’ve grown older they have learned what to look for, how to pack, and what not to leave behind. It’s pretty impressive to see how far they have come.

After spending time with some of my kids’ friends who have never been hiking, it occurred to me that there are a lot of adults in the same boat. And if they’ve never gone hiking, how could they possibly know best practices? We invited a few newbies to come along on our first hike of the season, so I spent some time gathering research for everyone to look over, and I found some great stuff.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Art of Hiking

Five Essential Hiking Tips for Beginners

The Guide to Snake Sightings In and Around Your Home: How to Safely Observe Serpents

Be Bear Aware – Hiking & Camping

Animal Encounters: 5 Quick Tips

Lifelong Birders: Introducing Your Kids to Bird Watching in Your Backyard

10 Best Bird Watching Hikes in America

I love to encourage interest in the outdoors and what it has to offer, and I know some people just need the right information to get out there to enjoy it. Do you think your readers could benefit from any of these resources? They seem to fit the bill for anyone who might want to do a little outdoor exploration, and I would appreciate it if you would consider sharing some of them.



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