Franklin Gulf Park

Franklin Gulf Park Aerial Map

Franklin Gulf Park Aerial Map

Formerly known as Larkin Woods, Franklin Gulf Park is a 637-acre, County-owned, undeveloped park in the Towns of Eden and North Collins.

It is primarily a wooded area that has impressive topography and scenic natural features, such as creeks, ravines, waterfalls and ledge outcroppings.

The topography is dominated by the by the gulf, a steep gorge which is practically inaccessible.

This irregularly-shaped park is generally bounded by Sandrock Road to the north, Rogers Road to the east and School Street to the South.

Surrounding land uses are largely agricultural, witha scattering of residences throughout the countryside.

The Village of North Collins is only a short distance to the south and west of the property.

An active railroad line crosses the gulfslightly beyond the western edge of the park.

There are several unofficial trails marked by red, white, orange, or green paint on trees.  There is another trail partially marked by yellow wooden blocks.

An official snowmobile trail runs through the park.  There are also several old atv trails.  Motorized vehicles (other than snowmobiles on the official trail) are prohibited, as are horses.

Hunting and the possession of firearms are prohibited.


Hunting in Franklin Gulf Park

Link to download Google Earth showing locations and photos:  Click HERE

Link to download GPX file with locations:  Click HERE

Aerial photo of  tree stands and blinds in the northeastern section of Franklin Gulf Park:

Aerial Photo of Tree Stands

View looking northeast across open area on county land:

View looking northeast across open area on county land

View looking southwest across open area on county land

View looking southwest across open area on county land

Waypoint B1    42.6128       -78.91118

Blind 1

Waypoint B2    42.61388   -78.90892

Blind 2

Waypoint T1    42.60749  -78.91765

Stand 1

Waypoint T2    42.60852   -78.9142

Stand 2

Waypoint T3    42.61029  -78.91204

Boards at bottom of stand 3

Stand 3

Waypoint T4    42.61116    -78.91171

Stand 4

Waypoint T5    42.61133    -78.91186

Stand 5

Waypoint T6    42.6125       -78.91033

Stand 6

Waypoint T7    42.6142       -78.90785

Stand 7

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