Roadkill Dinner

A recent Associated Press story, entitled “In rural NH, deer-car crashes bring free ‘dinner’” reports on the practice in New Hampshire of eating road kill deer.  The story states that:

“if the animal can be salvaged, it’s offered to the driver who hit it. If the driver doesn’t want it, the officers call folks who will take the animal for venison.”

Actually, it isn’t all that unusual.  For example, under the New York State Conservation Law, any police office, local or state, can issue a deer carcass permit to a motorists who has hit and killed a deer.

But leave it to some moonglow to suggest that “maybe people should try driving more slowly where deer are known to be present.”

The reason there are so many damn deer being hit by cars is because not enough are being shot by hunters due to the shortened hunting season and other restrictions placed on taking game.

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