Can Hiking and Hunting Co-exist?

Once again the hiking forums are flooded with post about not hiking during big game hunting season.  Last year, a local ADK Club Chapter cancelled a planned hike “due to hunting season” even though the hike was in a county forest where hunting is prohibited.  My daughter and I had a very enjoyable hike that day in the newly fallen snow. 


But some type of hunting is allowed all year in New York.  So staying out of the woods during big game season isn’t rationale if your sole reason for avoiding the woods is because there might be people in the woods discharging firearms.


In any event, those who are concerned about getting shot while hunting can take some precautions as opposed to giving up an enjoyable time in the woods.  First, wear a blaze orange shirt or coat or at least vest and cap.  Second, don’t follow any game you come across.  Third, stay on established trails rather than bushwhacking through tall brush or thick forest.


Finally, I leave you with this to contemplate.  It is a quote about hunting versus hiking that I came across on a backpacking forum:


“In fact, when you enter the wilderness not as a predator you are little more than a disturbance, contributing nothing to the balance of nature, to which human predators have been an integral factor since the early days of native Americans on this continent more than 10,000 years ago.”  1camper

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