Golden Hill State Forest

Golden Hill State Forest seems to be off the radar for most outdoor enthusiasts. I’ve been there three times on three perfect days and not once have I run into another person. The trails are by far more interesting and aesthetically pleasing than any of the FLT trails in Cattaraugus County.

There are two main trails with a few spur trails off the main trails. These are multi-use trails for hikers and mountain bikers. Most of the trail resembles a narrow game trail. Markings are sparse, although there are DEC red and blue markers and some flagging. It is a pleasure to hike in a state forest in Cattaraugus County without being constantly annoyed by the ubiquitous FLT/CT/NCT orange or white paint blazes every ten feet. Does everyone in the Finger Lakes Trail Conference own stock in Strathmore Paints?

I was there on a Saturday. Temperatures in the 60’s. Mild breeze. Clear blue skies. No humidity. Did not come across another person. Did see deer, a snake, several frogs, lots of caterpillars, and feathers of a recently devoured bird.

Check it out. You’ll like it. Unless you are one of those people who hikes to get a patch or certificate.

But I’m not going to tell you where it is or how to get there because it is too precious a place to blab all over the net. You have the name and you know it is managed by the DEC. That should be enough for you to find it.

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