Adirondack Park – Eastern High Peaks Zone

This is a map of the Eastern High Peaks Zone (EHPZ) in the Adirondack Park High Peaks Wilderness Area (HPWA)

The BLUE line depicts the EHPZ in which the special rules apply, including:

1. No campfires

2. Bear Canisters required for all food and toiletries for overnight campers between the dates of April 1 and November 30.  See the DEC Website about Bear Canisters

3. Dogs must be on leash while on trails, in camps, or where there are other people.

You can read the complete set of rules in section 190.13 Wilderness Areas in the Adirondack Park

Before you go, consider joining the ADK Mountain Club, or at least purchasing an ADK High Peaks Trail Guide Book (directly from the ADK or local retailers like EMS.)

At EMS you can also get the National Geographic Adirondack Park 3d Program (which made the map below) or the National Geographic physical map of the Adirondack Park.

Map of Eastern High Peaks Zone

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