A $40 Hammock Stand

$40 Hammock Stand from Dick's with Claytor hammock

$40 Hammock Stand from Dick's with Claytor hammock

Dick’s Sporting Goods stores have the Quest hammock stand on sale for $49.99.  Using a $10 off $50 coupon brings the net total to $40.  It is 15 feet long (from top of pole to top of pole) and 48 inches hight.  The end caps are plastic so some tubing from Lowes or Home Depot can be added to increase the height.  For that matter, the center base tube could be cut in half and also extended.

It goes together with the depressible buttons and holes.  I weigh 240lbs and it held me fine.  It is the heavy gauge steel.

Unfortunately, there are no specs on the box and nothing inside the box other than a one page instruction sheet showing how to mate the tubing.

It looks like 2 inch tubing but I haven’t taken off the end caps yet to measure.

The $10 of $50 coupons can often be found on the net , but I got mine by filling out the online survey after my last purchase from Dick’s.  And I’ll get another one after filling out the online survey from this purchase, so I could even say that this hammock stand only cost me $30, but that would be pushing the economic logic a little to far.

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