Bear Creek State Forest – Franklinville, NY

Bear Creek State Forest – Franklinville, NY

(you can read the full article at Bear Creek State Forest Info)

Shown below are an aerial photograph and a topographical map of Bear Creek State Forest, including hiking trails, horseback ridding trails, and snowmobile trails.

Bear Creek State Forest is northeast of Boyce Hill State Forest

The Finger Lakes Trail runs through both forests.

Note, however, that the hiking trail shown below is from the DEC GIS data,  and is not exactly the same as the gps tracks created by actual hiking of the trail by the FLTC.

You can purchase the actual hiked gps tracks from the Finger Lakes Trail Organization

The forest boundary is in transparent blue.
Hiking trails are in orange
Equestrian Trails are in cyan
Snowmobile trails are in white
Bear Creek State Forest Aerial Photo

Bear CreeK State Forest Topo Map

This is a 3D Topo map made with ArcGIS Explorer

Bear Creek State Forest 3D Topo Map

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